On good man and good woman

A good man is a gift for womankind, just like a good woman, is a gift for mankind, if you have such men and women in your lives, do not ever ever put them in a position where they might loose their goodness, for we are all human beings at the end of the day and have degrees of tolerance and patience. Cherish them, make them feel special, point out their mistakes in a respectful manner, and be humble enough to learn from them. 


Things I appreciate about men

Thank you God creating men

Thank you God for creating men:)

Men, just like women, were made by God with so much love and so much thought put into. I believe there lies many goodness within them just like it lies within women. As a woman there are many things I appreciate in men but there are few things which I simply adore.

I love men for their display of chivalry. So I was in a lift just few days ago with my male colleague, and the lift’s door open, and he asks me to leave first with his eyes down and one hand pointing towards the door. WOW! That was simply WOW!I remember my family and I were in a shopping mall, and my brother sensed that there was this particular man looking at me and that I was so so uncomfortable, and he immediately positioned his body in a particular way so the other man couldn’t see me, I was highly touched and impressed:)Then what else, I can go on and on actually, love the way they run to you to lift your heavy things, leave their work behind to fix your laptop first etc. etc.

I love it when a man just thinks it’s but obvious they are the ones who will do all the dirty tasks like say if there’s an unclean gutter in your society and for some reason workers can’t come and you have to get the job done then a group of men jump like monkeys at the place to finish the task! Hahahaha… I love that!

The way a man jumps like crazy with pride and happiness at the birth of his child. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! No words:) Can’t wait to be a Momma one day ***blush***

Of course their sense of humour. Love the way they do and say the craziest most disgusting things the most shamless way just to make you laugh! Weirdos!

Thank you God for creating men! And you know what men? I wanna tell you something. Thank you so much for the little little things you do! And no I don’t like these little little things because I belong to the ‘princess school of thought’, I don’t.  I am an independent ambitious and a strong headed woman but I loveee these things because it’s just that….how should I put it?

A heart loves what it loves.

The strong woman

The funny thing about a strong woman is that she doesn’t need you, she wants you and if you start slacking, she will be content without you. – Anonymous 

Love being a woman

If I am born 100 times more each time I would want to be a woman

Muslims must speak out loud against the kidnapping of the Nigerian girls

We have a responsibility towards them

We have a responsibility towards them

(Originally published in Qatar Tribune, May, 2014) As a Muslim my head hangs in absolute shame and I feel so embarrassed at the Boko Haram incident that I feel like digging a deep hole and disappearing in it and never come out, to be precise — it is suffocating me.

Muslims and Muslim countries must come out and not just condemn the act but take joint effective actions to free the girls. Our silence is not only further jeopardising the lives of these innocent young girls but jeopardising the image of the whole Muslim community.

The Boko Haram militants say their actions are as per the teachings of Islam and their fight is for Islam. Their claims wickedly deceptive make it all the more urgent that more Muslims speak out against this incident. And let them know and the world that their actions are outright barbaric and cruel and that Islam condemns cruelty of any form unconditionally.

Time is running out and we have a choice to make. Either we maintain silence on the Nigerian girls issue and do nothing about the continuously deteriorating reputation of the Muslim community or raise our voices against this shameless act and let people know that the Boko Haram militants do not represent Islam and the Muslims.

The choice is ours to make regarding how Islam is presented to the world. Do we want to let people think that Islam promotes inhuman treatment of women? That in Islam women can be kidnapped and made sex slaves or married off against her will? That Muslim women’s education should be strictly limited to religious scriptures? Do we want people to think that in Islam it’s alright to force non-Muslim women to convert from their faith?

Or do we want to present the true picture of Islam and let the world know that Islam is all for women education which is not just limited to religious scriptures but an education that leads to a complete development of her personality. That Islam advocates treating women with respect and dignity and not like some insane creature who is unable to think for herself. That Islam promotes providing security to women to help them achieve a truly beautiful life and not imprisoning them.

Unfortunately I can hardly hear any Muslim voices. But why are”we” so silent? Where are the Muslim scholars who usually speak so enthusiastically at the most high-pitched voice on anything related to women? Where are our Muslim youths who go absolutely crazy at the slightest of provocations from ill-intentioned people? Where are they??

The governments of Western nations and few African nations have come out openly and declared a war against these militants and are trying their best to solve the matter. But it will be a strong uncompromising reaction from Muslims and Muslim countries that will truly help deal with this issue. At best it might go on to ensure that such incidents involving women do not occur again or in the least send a strong message to such awful people that Islam has zero tolerance for mistreatment of women.

For a great marriage, men must cook

Love struck!

                                                               Love struck!

( Originally published in The Hindu, June, 2014) Times have changed, and education and careers no more remain the domain of men alone. But it seems times have remained stuck in the Stone Age where cooking is concerned. Women are still the ‘absolute rulers’ in this department, or rather are ‘made to be’ — unless she works in restaurant where the chefs are mostly men.

Most articles I have found advise men to enter the kitchen to please their wives by ‘occasionally’ cooking for the family. I have an issue here. Yes, men ‘should’ cook, but ‘before marriage’, for whatever reason. After marriage — they ‘must’ cook.

Men must cook to build a happy marriage.

Gone are the days when women always stayed at home and the men went out to work. With an increasing number of women choosing to pursue higher education and careers, juggling personal life and professional career has become the norm of the day, and cooking a draconian task. Expecting a woman to prepare a full meal all by herself after she gets back from work by 7 p.m., leaving behind all her mental and physical stress, is outright cruel. So a man must cook alongside his wife. Maybe preparing half the meal every day or the full meal every alternate day or week… whatever suits the couple should do the magic — less stress, better health, and more love.

Of course, if a woman is a full-time homemaker then expecting her husband to cook dinner after he returns from work completely exhausted is inhuman. There are exceptions, though. For example, wouldn’t it be so unsympathetic of a man to let her pregnant wife stand in front of the stove heat for hours? If she can go through the pain of bearing a child for a year, so a man could cook too for a year. Doesn’t this sound fair enough?

Again, women fall ill but are still expected to cook. Wouldn’t a man truly earn the love and respect of his wife if he serves a nutritious meal to her in bed? The wife will embrace him with open arms! Not only that, her heart will soften and she might listen to all his requests at all crazy times. Ahem. Yes women are like that, a bit of display of affection and she is ready to become all yours.

But despite this doable deed, there are very few men who cook ‘at home’. So how do women make men cook? Sadly, not much can be done to teach grown-up men. Either they listen temporarily or the relationship turns sour.

But women need not be disheartened. She can ensure that at least her daughters and granddaughters and so on get husbands who cook for them! How? By teaching her sons cooking skills slowly but steadily from the time he turns three till the age of 18. Thus she ensures that her son, a future husband to a girl, does not just cook for his wife but truly makes peace with the fact that a house kitchen is not just a woman’s department but his as well.

And of course, if men can use food to build diplomatic ties to solve issues of local and global importance — why then mustn’t they use food to build strong, enduring bonds with their wives for peaceful and mutually fulfilling marriages?